Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Firsts as a Freshman

Wow I knew coming to BYU would me a lot of changes but I didn't realize how many things I'd be doing for the first time

Going to college classes on campus - Ok so I did take a college class at SLCC this summer, but BYU campus is a totally different playing field. Look at how cute I was on the first day of school! haha

Attending a singles ward - It's so crazy being in a ward where all 160 people are your same age.

Choosing what to do with your entire day - College is definitely not like high school where they make you go to certain classes at certain time and tell you when you can eat lunch and all that. It's totally you managing your own time and deciding when you want to what!

Getting lost on campus - I really thought I could handle finding my classes, but I swear 10 minutes is not enough time to get all the way across campus. So I'll confess that I got lost going twice this morning trying to find my around. Luckily, some upperclassmen helped me out. I'm sure it was the fact that I looked like such a freshman carrying around my map...but oh well!

Leaving the sticker on the back of your pants - You always feel so bad for the people who don't notice the size sticker on the back of their jeans that you see just walking around the halls of school or whatever. That was totally me on Tuesday morning. Don't worry, I had only gone to breakfast at the Cannon Center and walked all the way across campus to the Joseph Smith Building and to my classroom before someone told me that it was there.

Eating at the Cannon Center - Ok I'm not going to lie I was really nervous that the Cannon Center would be all nasty cafeteria food. Of course it's nothing like home-cooked meals that mom makes, but it really isn't all that bad. There's always some kind of pasta dish for dinner that is pretty good and there is amazing fresh fruit at all the meals. The great thing about my meal plan is that I can use my money at any restaurant on campus. And due to fast Sunday/skipping a few meals here and there, I have quite a bit of money racked up in my dining account. Lunch anyone?

Ice cream at Sub Zero in Provo - Nicole and I made our way to Sub Zero yesterday afternoon. That place is so delicious. They start out with cream that is just liquid, put it under this crazy gas stuff, and it just freezes.

Worrying about the Freshman 15 - Haha with all this eating I'm doing down here, I'm in big trouble unless I start working out soon!!

Having butt loads of homework - I think I'm beginning to appreciate my high school education. If I didn't have the classes and teachers I did, I'd probably be dead already. So much reading and syllabuses and tests! I'm not really looking forward to finals...

Being away from home - It's weird how I live here, it still kind of feels like EFY a little bit. It'll just take some adjusting to.

Having a roommate - Good thing I have Nicole (I love you babe!) We have so much fun together!! We always go for sweet drives in her new red Mazda and have sweet dance parties in the room. Wow it is just so super.

Worrying about BYU boys - So people had warned me that everyone at BYU wants to get married and everything...I just didn't realize how much they encouraged it!! I did get one proposal already, but he said he still had to go on a mission so I don't think it really counts.

I think that's all for now! I'll post again soon!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Brigham Young University: Week 1

I thought that since I have officially moved out and am starting school next week it would be fun to keep everyone updated with a blog...so here we go. Wednesday morning I arrived at BYU, unloaded the mini van that was filled with stuff, and moved into my dorm on the third floor of the Hinckley Hall at Helaman Halls. Even though it is rather small, Nicole (my roomie) and I managed to fit all of our stuff by using our closet and underneath our beds as storage space. Mom came up later in the afternoon to take me to my last real meal at TGI Fridays. After dropping me back off, I met up with my Y-Group. I couldn't find my real group that I was supposed to be with so I joined some random group that recruited me. My new group turned out to be way, way fun. Our group leaders, Blake and Robi are so awesome and really made New Student Orienation tons of fun. We took a little tour of campus, stopped by Smart Cookie where Blake bought everyone cookies, and then ended up back at the Helaman field where we had a BBQ and watched Forbidden Kingdom. The movie, I'm not gunna lie, was a little lame so Jessica, Nicole, and I went to Jessica's apartment at Y View and played some fun games.

Thursday morning I got up early and went to the Wilk to get my ID card and talk to a counselor. I got out of my crazy hard schedule to one that will hopefully be a little more manageable. Right now I'm taking Book of Mormon, Teachings of the Living Prophets, Communications 101, Statistics 221, Physical Science 100, and an executive business lecture series. It should be a pretty exciting semester. After running my errands, I met up with my Y-Group to to the Convocation Devotional and the Marriott Center where we just got an overview of BYU from the president and some other students. After the devotional, my group went to the library and played sardines on the 4th floor. I can't believe how big that library is. Our group leaders also told us all the places to go in the library if you want to socialize (periodicals), or actually study (children's lit). It's good to know these kinds of things from people with experience. Later that night we went to the Tradition of Honor assembly where they talked about the honor code...it was super. At the end this one guy sang this song he wrote for his girlfriend and ended up proposing to her in front of the entire group of new freshman. Let's just say I've been fully initiated into the BYU culture...

Friday morning we had another devotional at the Smith Field House that was really great. We learned about success. "Desire, Decision, Determination, YES!" We had class about how to use the library. We had a little academic lunch where we had a lecture on habits of the mind. Later that evening I went to my first athletic event -- Girl's volleyball vs. Utah State. Of course BYU won and it was fun sitting in the student section. After the game, we went to Friday Night Extravaganza...sounds pretty incredible, doesn't it? It ended up being a bunch of games where we just got to know a ton of people, although it's hard to get to know someone in about 2 minutes....but I met a few cool people. One of the games we played was called Head Honcho, Top Banana, and Big Cheese. With a group of three, we each took turns being "the boss" and could tell the other two people to do anything we asked them. It was pretty exciting. Later that night we made a BYU Creamery run and watched a movie back at Jessica's place.

Saturday was supposed to be my sleep in day, but of course, I couldn't sleep past 8:30. Nicole and I both relaxed in the dorm for a bit and got ready for our day. In the afternoon, we went on our own little campus tour to figure out what buildings all of our classes are in. Let's just say I'll be amazed if I can find all my classes the first day without getting lost. I'm very directionally challenged. We ate lunch at a little cafe called Legends Grille down by the field house which was very good. After lunch, we headed to the stadium for the first BYU game of the season. My friends and I ended up having seats on the 10th row right above the south end zone. It was a great game! Later that night, we had a final dance to finish up orientation.

Sunday morning Nicole and I woke up bright and early to attend our 9:00 BYU 17th ward. We walked over to the Joseph Knight Building where our sacrament meeting was held in a classroom. It was fast and testimony meeting and many of my new ward members bore their testimonies. It was so neat hearing about their experiences and how they had grown in the past year and were looking forward to the school year. Several of them had gone to summer semester and were telling us that although college life was challenging, it is very rewarding.

I'm looking forward to a great time this year at BYU. I know I will meet tons of new people, make lots of new friends, and have experiences that I'll remember throughout my life. I'll keep you all updated!

Oh yes, here are some pictures of our lovely dorm room. We still have a little interior decorating to do, but, Nicole and are rather pleased with how it is coming along.